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Weather Advisories

We will keep you prepared and informed of any decisions concerning closures or early dismissals of MCELC due to tropical storms, flooding rain, hurricanes, etc.  MCELC uses our Brightwheel App which immediately sends a text message to parents when there is any change in hours or closure due to inclement weather.   


May 2-6
MCELC celebrates our teachers during


King Cake Party

Image - 2022-03-16T114053.372.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T114110.229.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T114212.665.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T114158.573.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T114043.294.jpeg
Image (19).jpeg
Image (32).jpeg
Image (34).jpeg
Image (23).jpeg

Dr. Suess Spirit Week

Image (29).jpeg

Muffins for Mothers Day

Image (41).jpeg
Image (40).jpeg
Image (44).jpeg
Image (45).jpeg
Image (46).jpeg

Green Eggs and Ham  Dressing as our favorite Dr. Suess character  

One Fish, Two Fish  Wearing our Red and Blue


The Cat in the Hat  Wearing our favorite Hats!

Sleep Book  Wearing our favorite Pajama's!

Image - 2022-03-16T141948.405.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T141921.209.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T142119.988.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T141932.266.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T142004.544.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T144531.371.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T142124.982.jpeg
Image - 2022-03-16T142105.741.jpeg
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