Floater & Substitute Teachers

Our Floater Teachers generally assist with all of our classrooms on a daily basis.  There are designated times that our  floaters help our Beignet Babies and Cruising Crawfish classrooms including feeding times, breakfast/lunch times, naptimes, and diaper changing times.  Other classrooms use them more on an as-needed basis.  

Melissa Davia.jpeg

Jamara Eugene

Floater Teacher

Aftercare Teacher (temp. discontinued)

Jamara is a graduate of Destrehan High School. She has worked in early childhood education for 3 years prior to starting at MCELC in 2019. Jamara gained an Associate Degree to work as a  Patient Care Technician.  She has three daughters Ke’Mya, Kemyri’ and Kionyah and has been married for 3 years.

Melissa Davis

Floater Teacher

Melissa is a resident of Algiers. She graduated a year early from New Orleans Military and Maritime academy in 2018. She is currently a student at Delgado. She likes early childhood and is considering pursuing it as a career.

Imari Lewis

Floater Teacher

Imari is originally from Florida but moved to New Orleans after she graduated from h igh school.  She has worked in childcare for 5 years and is working to get her degree in early childhood education.